Html is used when we use technology in business

Html is used when we use technology in business
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Everyone uses html today and it is the basis of all technology, it is important for everyone to know about html. If you understand the use of html, then you can know how and where to use it, everyone would think Why should we use html so I can tell you that if you are a business person then it is very important for you.

First of all, we talk about how to use html, what is html and what happens when we start to learn about it.

What is HTML?

-> HTML is for hyper text markup language
-> HTML is the standard markup language for creating web pages
-> HTML describes the structure of a web page
-> HTML consists of a series of elements
-> HTML elements tell the browser how to display content
-> HTML elements are pieces of content such as “This is a title”, “This is a paragraph”, “This is a link”, etc.

In one example, we can know this, I will explain it below.

Explaining by example

Declaration defines that this document is an HTML5 document
The element is the root element of an HTML page
The element contains meta information about the HTML page
The element specifies a title for the HTML page (shown in the title bar of the browser or in the tab of the page)<br /> The <body> element defines the body of the document, and is a container for all content that appears, such as headings, paragraphs, images, hyperlink tables, lists, etc.<br /> The <h1> element defines a larger heading<br /> The <p> element defines a paragraph</p>

What is an HTML element?

Using html in web browsers

The purpose of a web browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari) is to read HTML documents and display them correctly.

The browser does not display HTML tags, but uses them to define how to display documents:

Html page structure

Below is a view of an HTML page structure:

Learn HTML using Notepad or any other editor
First of all what you have to do is shown below some points.
1 First you open your notepad There are

2 ways to open it, first you press Windows + R and press enter button.

Notepad will open as I told you above that how can we open Notepad and make the page even

We will further talk about how you will save that file from .html or .htm after pasting and we can save it by placing it in a folder.

As most of us know how to run a .html file, we should have any browser. Anyone should have a browser like Google Chrome or KeyForex or Microsoft Edge. We can right-click on that file. Let us run the file, we see something like this in the browser.

We will further talk about where we need html to talk about some points.

Just like you are a business person and to promote your business, you need a website so that you can brand your business so that you will send your requirement to a developer through any means then you will get that website It is a CMS for which the developer gives you your work, but when you have to change later or you have to create a new page, then in this condition you need to withdraw. Most of the time it happens that only the developer does your work, but if there are frequent updates in your website, then it becomes very important to come to html.

But it is a matter of thinking how you will do this, then you are told all things functionally, but at that time you need to create a new post, then you update in the visual view, but when you know html, you Make the page your own way

We can say that you should work in html

For this you should know about the process

Next we will learn more details about html and how we can use it
Thank you so much

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